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Who qualifies for assistance from Hard Hats?

CWCf receives more than one hundred requests for construction assistance each year. Our limited resources don't allow us to service them all. In order to understand what we may or may not be able to provide, and for your request to be given appropriate consideration, please read the following carefully before submitting an application.

CWCf assists only those organizations in full agreement with our Statement of Faith and whose need and project has been carefully and prayerfully evaluated by the CWCf staff authorized by our Board of Directors. Within the United States, our charter only allows us to assist organizations recognized by the IRS as churches and/or other 501-c (3) charitable organizations (most Christian camps and mission agencies qualify). For projects outside the USA we prefer to work with established mission agencies or with ministries having reputable histories and verifiable links to US or other congregations.

We provide short-term construction and maintenance assistance to our client ministries so that they can either expand their ministry or make it more efficient. CWCf also helps mission groups with emergency repairs, assists churches in setting up teams to service their own missionaries, deploys faith-supported construction missionaries, provides job supervisors for other ministries, and teaches missionaries and nationals construction and maintenance skills. We are not a Contractor and we do not contract work.

In evaluating which projects to undertake, we look at the genuineness of the need (can the potential client afford to hire the job done or will volunteer work be absolutely essential to the completion of the job), and the degree to which the proposed project will contribute to the fulfillment of the Great Commission. Our North American projects typically are under 6,500 square feet and less than $750,000 total construction budget. If your project is larger than this, you should probably contact a reputable building contractor.



The SERMON on the AMOUNT, or ... About that Free Lunch ...

Generally, we require the client ministry to provide the following:

Hard Hats for Christ traditionally has provided most of our services "almost for free", since the above costs are usually minimal compared to the overall cost of the project. As the cost of living, and especially fuel expense, rises, we are asking our client ministries to help a little more directly. Also, just to be frank, we've learned that human nature doesn't seem to place a lot of value on things that are received "for free" (2 Sam. 24:24). So in addition to the above, we find it necessary to request that our client ministries also provide the following:

Finally, we ask that you consider partially supporting your Hard Hats for Christ missionary at whatever level your budget allows, for at least a number of months equal to the number of weeks the missionary spends on your project. This is between you and the Lord, but please know that our missionaries could be earning far better salaries using their gifts and talents out in the workplace. They cheerfully sacrifice to see God's kingdom built up. A workman is worthy of his wages (1 Tim. 5:18). Thank you for considering their ongoing support needs.


We'll probably not be sending RV's to your out-of-the-USA project! We ask that you provide room and board for our missionaries and volunteers. We realize many short term groups pay all of their own expenses, including reimbursing their hosts for room and board. Our volunteers pay their own travel and incidental expenses. However, we typically send skilled or mostly skilled workers, not unskilled tourists or youth groups. A workman is worthy of his hire – or at least his or her room and board at a reasonable local level of comfort. Our missionaries operate on minimum support, and round trip tickets for a husband and wife team to an overseas project are often simply out of the budget. Therefore, we ask the client ministry to cover at least half the cost of travel to and from the project for our Hard Hats missionary. Phone/Internet service is desired, not required.


Now that you know a little more about what to expect from CWCf and what we might expect from you, feel free to complete an Application for Construction Assistance. By submitting an application you acknowledge that you have read and understand the above information. If you have further questions, please feel free to e-mail us at information@hh4c.org. Click the following link for an application form, which will be in the form of a .rtf document. Simply type in your contact information and other required responses. Save the document on your computer, and e-mail it as an attachment to the address above, or print it out and send it via regular mail to PO Box 636, Kelso, WA 98626, United States of America.
Application for Construction Assistance

Does your project qualify for our assistance? Send us a completed application for assistance, explaining your project, what help you are seeking, and the timeframe for your project.

You may e-mail us at information@hh4c.org, or phone us at 1-360-423-5022 for more information. We will be happy to discuss your needs with you and see if we can help.

Click here for an Application for Construction Assistance.



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