A Faith Supported Missionary or FSM is an Associate who meets all the requirements of a VCM but who is a full-time "employee" of Hard Hats for Christ, and whose salary and other ministry expense funds come from the freewill offerings of individual and churches to CWCf toward their work funds account.

There are a lot of benefits to being a FSM. You will be a member of a creditable team that has been serving the Lord's servants for about 40 years in the USA and overseas. You'll have a prayer support base as well as staff to support you. One special benefit is the eternal friendships you'll build with other "Hard Hats" and among the clients you serve. The varied ministry opportunities are arranged through our office in Longview, WA, where we can also serve as a mail forwarding and message center for you while you are out on a project. The best benefit is seeing a project in use for God's work - whether it's a bunk house, classrooms or a new sanctuary. Plus, you may get paid for it!

I. The Candidate Process

A. Submit the Application for Individuals. If you are already an Associate this is complete.
B. Send us a copy of your résumé.
C. Submit the additional "What Do You Believe?" questionnaire.
D. Submit forms from 5 references. If you are an Associate, you've already submitted three, so just two additional references will be required. Please use the Missionary Reference Form.
E. A Federal Background check is required (the cost generally runs $20 to $25 per person - you will be notified of the current cost and the report will be ordered after we receive your check). If you are an Associate this should have been done already.
F. After we receive your background check and references, you'll need to have at least one week of Jobsite experience under the supervision of Hard Hats missionary staff. If you have worked for a week or more as an Associate on a project in the past with a Hard Hats missionary, it can be counted as fulfilling this requirement, so long as we can obtain an evaluation of your experience from the missionary.
G. After a review of your jobsite experience, we will arrange a time for you to meet personally with our Board of Directors. During this time you will see the ministry firsthand and let us get acquainted with you. Following the interview and prayerful consideration, the Board may accept you as a FSM Appointee/VCM.
H. After you have had an opportunity to see the ministry and meet with staff and Board members it is time for you to return home. Take this time to pray for God's leading in your decision about going into full-time missionary service.
I. Contact us as to your decision with either a "yes" or a "no". If you choose not to pursue full-time service with CWCf, please do not leave us in the dark - call.

II. Upon acceptance as a FSM Appointee, you will:

A. Complete a missionary orientation course as directed by CWCf.
B. Begin building a Prayer Partner support base of at least 50 people.
C. Submit a Support Quota Worksheet (SQW) to determine your financial needs for your ministry partnership development. What is partnership development?
D. Put together a presentation (which we can help you with) and a primary contact list.
E. Begin sending out quarterly prayer letters to your partners and other interested individuals and churches.
F. Start your Partnership Development by making presentations at churches, Sunday school classes, men's and women's groups and to Missions Committees, church leadership boards, etc.
G. You may have blocks of time you can give to the ministry of CWCf before you start your internship. At this point you will be functioning as a VCM, so you may begin to draw on your ministry funds upon Board approval. See details about financial policies on the VCM page, as these apply equally to FSM appointees. Those applying for cross-cultural work must first complete home field experience.

III. Internship

A. When prayer and financial support is adequate you may start your internship, which lasts for one year.
B. At the end of the year you will meet again with the Board and CEO. These interviews will assess your readiness to become a full-fledged, faith supported, construction missionary – FSM.
C. Assuming that you and we both affirm your readiness to become an FSM, we will review your job description and assign you to a project.

IV. FSM Reports and Meetings

A. A monthly activity report is due each month during which you have any CWCf projects, partnership development activities, or presentations. Through this report you can keep the office abreast of your progress, blessings and discouragements.
B. Project reports are due at the end of each project or project period.
C. All FSM personnel are Staff and as such may be required to attend at least one staff retreat or gathering per year.

V. FSM's are responsible to the President/CEO through the Personnel Coordinator


Candidates - those who are making application for missionary status (FSM or VCM) but who have not yet completed all required steps.

Appointees - those candidates who have completed all the required steps of application and have been accepted by the board of CWCf. Partnership development is the next phase of ministry.

What is partnership development? back to top
As a "Faith Supported" ministry, CWCf looks to the Lord to supply the funds needed to carry out our ministry. He does this through the generosity of interested churches and individuals. We allow a lot of latitude for each missionary's personal convictions about "how" to encourage and develop that interest. But one thing is proven: people don't give to a cause they don't know about! It is up to each missionary to make his or her calling and work known to those whom the Lord may inspire to help financially. This is generally done through letters, e-mails, phone calls, personal visits, church and Sunday School presentations, missionary committee meetings, and so on. We can help provide you with resources (brochures, PowerPoint presentations, etc.) and training to help you develop your partnership team. Prayer is the key! You and we make the ministry and need known. God raises up the Partners!

Internship - the first year of career involvement with CWCf, after which there is a joint determination by the Board, CEO, staff and the intern as to the Lord's will for continuing service as a CWCf missionary.

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