Application for Construction Assistance

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Kelso, Washington 98626 (360) 423-5022

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"Promoting Christ in Construction -- Home and Abroad"

Click here to download the Preliminary Questionnaire for Construction Assistance, which is a preliminary application to gather information about your needs. No help can be solicited or assigned before this questionnaire is returned. This is not a contract and it does not obligate either the client ministry or CWCf to provide accommodations or assistance. It will be reviewed and, if approved, will become your formal application for assistance. If you do not hear from us in a reasonable amount of time, please call us.

You may return the completed questionnaire to us via surface mail, or as an e-mail attachment (preferred for faster response), or by fax. If you fax your application to us, please call us first so that we can turn on our fax machine.

Please copy or download the following document into your word processor, and just begin typing the information and answers to the right of each item in the questionnaire. Please make your answers as complete as possible so that we can accurately evaluate your request. It would be helpful to us if you would save the file with a new name such as: [Your ministry name (or a short version thereof) Const Appl ddmmmyy] For example Baptist Bible Translators Worldwide Ministries, Incorporated, might save the file as:BBTWMI_Const_Appl06jul07.

Application for Construction Assistance



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