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What is volunteering with
Hard Hats For Christ all about?

It's about volunteering to serve the Lord's servants. You could have opportunities to serve in your own community or state or almost anywhere in the United States or even overseas. That is up to you. You could volunteer as a maintenance worker for a Christian camp for a week or for the summer; or help a small country church with a paint job or a small addition. Or as a Construction Missionary you could help build or supervise the construction of a new educational building or even help to build a whole new church. You could also help a missionary construct a dorm for a summer camp in Europe or a school in Africa. The time you give as a volunteer is yours to choose: a week, a month or longer. As a Construction Missionary you could be on a job for a couple of months, or from groundbreaking all the way to finish.

We are looking for volunteers who are born again believers looking for a way to serve our risen Savior. In most cases our work week is Tuesday through Saturday, since volunteers from our client ministries are usually available to help on Saturday.

If you are interested in serving the Lord with Hard Hats for Christ, RV'ers for Christ, or to become one of our Construction Missionaries please begin by completing an Application for Individuals. You can apply by printing and mailing your application or by e-mailing it as an attachment.

If you're not quite ready to make a decision but would like more information please click on one of the following links:

Christian ministries needing construction assistance should read the information found on the "assistance" tab.



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